Resolva advert

  • Work produced whilst employed at Flipbook
  • Flipbook’s client: Chief
  • My role: Character modelling and texturing, animation and animation supervision, layout, lighting, matte painting

Flipbook were comissioned to create a new advert for Resolva weedkiller by Chief. As lead artist, I remodelled the characters based on existing but unusable meshes, textured them and created the materials. I then created layout scenes for the entire advert showing the placement and quantity of weeds in each shot, before dividing animation duties between myself and a freelance animator. I animated all of the unique weeds (foreground and close up shots, with the exception of the pack shot) whilst Paul Claessens animated a series of loops and variations for the background weeds, which I then placed in each shot. Together with Ben Haworth I then lit the scenes before creating a series of images for the timelapse sequence. Unfortunately the voice over was changed after we delivered so the lip syncing doesn’t quite line up! A very fun job.